the dress

I have dedicated the portion of free time over the past two weeks to making myself a dress. Unable to find a style and color similar to what I desired on the market, I decided to try my hand at making clothing. I have had some sewing experience in Home Ec and will proudly show anyone the “A+” duffel bag I made in class. Over the past couple months I have made some throw pillows, a body pillow, and a purse. However, these items never really presented a challenge because sewing things in a rectangular shape requires little skill level.

I went to Joann and purchased a nice navy blue linen blend that was deeply discounted as well as a pattern made by a company called Simplicity. The pattern seemed relatively simple: buy x amount fabric, cut out pieces A-F, sew together and presto you have a dress.

The pattern didn’t mention that once the pieces were all assembled, the bodice and the skirt wouldn’t fit together evenly, or the the bodice would stick out under the arms. I spent ten days with a total of around twenty-five labor hours completing it. As it turns out, it’s still more cost effective to buy your clothes already made.


Often times, you will hear someone say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, this old adage is not always adhered to as we would like. People can pass judgment on anything that meets the eye, be it clothing, a hairstyle, or a house. Adding a decorative mailbox can add flair and appeal to the outside appearance of a house.

Often times a mailbox is merely a stick in the yard- somewhat of an eyesore. Gaines Mailboxes offers traditionally stylistic mailboxes that would dress up the appearance of a house. The Gaines Pedestal Mailbox will add a timeless quality to the exterior of any colonial style house. The Original Keystone Mailbox is offered in a variety of colors designed to complement the brick or door color of a home.

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