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On Tuesday at 11:59 P.M., Sig, K$, and I all went to see the latest in the Harry Potter movie series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As an avid fan of the books as well as having read all of them multiple times, I was severely disappointed in the film. The fifth book in the series is where the mood of the book turns dark, and the movie accurately represents this. However, that is about the only thing it does right.

Many of the finer points of the book are glossed over. The Quidditch subplot is completely left out of the movie. Also, the climax of the movie is extremely short. In the book, this is a three-chapter battle scene. The movie just ends, providing no satisfaction for the watcher. The fifth book is not meant to be a filler. Many things happen in the book as well as movie and there is not nearly enough emphasis placed on their importance. I feel bad for all the fans that have only been following the movies, because they will be confused when the sixth movie comes out.


About forty-five million Americans diet over the course of a year according to CBS News. Weight loss programs have created a billion dollar industry. It seems as if there are many gimmicks on the marketplace that try to convince consumers that weight loss can be achieved rapidly or with the assistance of expensive vitamins and pills.

A study conducted by MSNBC states that both a healthy diet along with regular exercise are needed for effective long term weight loss. MyFitnessPal is a website interested in helping people with weight loss by following this method. Their site offers a free calorie counter that is simple to utilize.

They have a vast catalogue of caloric information so you can thoroughly research the nutritional value of the food you are eating in order to help you make better dietary choices. They also feature an exercise calorie calculator on their site which can calculate the amount of calories burned based on weight and exercise.

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