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I received the news today that Thrice will be playing Stubb’s on November 16th with Brand New. I am looking forward to this show and hearing some of their new material. Coincidentally, they played on this same date last year.

I also heard through the grapevine that Thrice and Island have parted ways. My guesses are the considerably weak sales of Vheissu, Thrice’s new direction with their music and posstibly their desire to release a 4-disc conceptual album.

My special edition of Zeitgeist arrived yesterday. The full-color booklet reminds me of Radiohead’s Kid A liner. Many of the pages are printed on vellum, and some of the pages have die cuts in them. Most of the pages are photographs taken by Corgan.

With Zeitgeist came Despite Everything. This book consists of the compiled works by Aaron Elliott who is best known for his zine called Cometbus. He is also known for being the drummer in Bay Area bands such as Crimpshrine and Pinhead Gunpowder. The book is 608 packed pages and a many of them display his trademark handwritten style. One of his most popular handwritten works are the liner notes to Green Day’s Dookie album. I respect the guy ’cause he’s really made a name for himself and succeeded without having to be drowned in the spotlight. I can also attribute his writing style inspirational to that of my own.

This week has gone by quick. It’s already Friday, pay day. I’m looking forward to paying rent at the end of the month and my electric bill. I’m not being sarcastic.

That’s all for now. Have an excellent weekend.


Summer is the perfect time to take a vacation. You can take a road trip, visit a theme park or even go on some cruises. The weather is optimal to enjoy something outdoors. Take some time off from work, cash in some of that paid time off and get away from the normal routine for a while. You’ve earned every bit.

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