the luck

Last night was a little different than my usual Friday nights. The lady’s been out of town since Tuesday, so the Bustaburger night was canceled for the week.

With the plans null for the evening, I decided to join some of my co-workers for some beers at a nearby bar. In the same area as the bar is an ATM machine. I decided that I was going to pull a twenty out and approached the ATM before I went into the bar.

As I walked up to the ATM, I noticed someone had left their receipt where the receipts spit out. Poor fellow. He had pulled some cash out of the machine and had a measly seventy-something dollars left in his bank account. That’s kinda crappy considering that rent’s gonna be due in a little over a week. Maybe he’ll be getting paid this coming Friday.

Back to the story: I put my debit card into the ATM and was about to put in my PIN when I heard a mechanical chomping sound. I glance down at the slot where the money comes out and notice that the same person that had left his receipt still hanging from the machine had left his cash: two twenty-dollar bills.

So I took the money. I was a little afraid that it could have been a setup with a 5-0’s car in the next parking lot over and the possibility of someone sitting in their car watching. But I did what Steve Miller would have done and took the money and ran… well, I actually nonchalantly walked to the bar. What else was I going to do? It’s like finding a five-dollar bill in the street! Are you just gonna leave it there?

I used it to buy an import to start off my night followed by a few pitchers for my friends and the rest went towards tipping the bartender. Free drinks taste absolutely wonderful.

That’s my luck for you. If you think what I did was wrong, then I’d like to know what you would have done. Leave a comment otherwise I’ll assume you have done the same thing. Peace out.

By the way, Shooter is an excellent movie, one of the best films I’ve seen this summer. This movie is by the same director who did Training Day and was definitely an exciting film to watch from start to finish. I had never seen The Cooler either until today and that’s a really good watch, too.

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