the seventh installment

I don’t consider this blog a spoiler because if you were interested in reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows , then you should have finished it by now.

On this past Monday after two years of waiting, I went out and purchased my copy of the seventh installment of the Harry Potter series. I wasted no time blazing through its pages. I finished it after approximately thirteen glorious hours. I am sorry to see that a book series that I have spent so much time on has finally come to its close. The book series totals to about three-thousand pages after everything is said and done.

I have loved each book very much and have read most of them multiple times. Despite all of this, I cannot help but feeling let down after Deathly Hallows. The book is very serious and seems to lack the humorous character interactions that the previous installments have included. The first hundred pages include many moments of nostalgia, when the characters reflect on happenings from the earlier books. This, in my opinion, was a big waste of space.

Rowling could have used those pages to better explain the hallows or the horcruxes. Rowling makes Voldemort out to be this genius supervillian, but all of his henchmen are morons. The Death Eaters continuously get in the way, making Harry’s triumphs seem more like luck than actual skill.

The book ends on a positive note with all major characters still in tact, and the mention that Dumbledore’s death at the hand of Snape was premeditated. The ending is very abrupt and all of the sudden the reader is transported to nineteen years into the future.

Can anyone spell sequel? The ending lets you down in a sense that there was no sacrifice made “for the greater good” of wizard kind. This is the fist time I have ever felt like I was reading a young adults book in the entire series. _____________

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