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You might have read my previous post about finding the money in the ATM that some dimwit unknowingly left. My luck hit me again this past Thursday, not nearly as much of a score from the previous but worth mentioning.

I was taking an evening stroll on my break at work on Thursday. I was walking toward the main entrance through the parking lot to return. I could see that employees from the business next door were getting off work and occupying their vehicles to leave the premises. I glance down at the ground and notice a five-dollar bill. I pick up the slightly damp piece of paper and put it in my pocket.

In less than a week, I have effortlessly earned $45 for just being observant.

These findings made me think about the future and how cash and coinage will probably no longer be used. I think about how these opportunities will one day come to an end. I think about inflation and how coincidentally I find a five-dollar bill instead of a dollar or a quarter.

K$ helped Mare transport a table to the apartment that same night, so now we have a more deluxe table in the dining area. For his assistance, I used the damp five to buy him a twelve-pack of his favorite poison. It didn’t cost me a cent.


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