the scatterpost

The end of the month has finally here. This week has been a little busier than usual. Let’s recap.

Sunday: Dinner with the family that involved a long discussion about the plans for October. I’m sure I’ll go into detail here in the near future.

Monday: The work week begins. The day is usual, but the main plan for the nite is to help a friend order parts for a computer we’re going to build. This takes a few hours.

Tuesday: Plans for the night aren’t set, but with this, I finally get around to enhancing Joe’s TPV site to fulfill his requests. This takes me four or five hours ’cause I’m slow like that and can work at any pace I please.

Wednesday: Tuesday: The Gathering was moved to this night. After work, I enjoy a delicious dinner with Mare and make cheese bread for the group. We show up at The Gathering around a quarter ’til one. We play ’til almost five in the mourning. A close friend’s loved one passes away earlier that day.

Thursday: The supervisor was out today, so I had to fill his shoes today. Plans to have dinner with my siblings were moved to this day, because The Gathering day was changed. We enjoy a tasty pasta dinner made by Mare and play a round of Scrabble. I spend the rest of night chatting with Mare and K$.

Friday: This day is here, and I’m still in the night mentioned above. I’m typing this right now, and the sun is wiping the sleep out of its eyes oh so slowly. One of my favorite Lennon songs, Oh Yoko!, is playing on my tiny notebook speakers. The plan for tonight is a Bustaburger. The BBO shipment was delayed, but I’m hoping a disc or two or maybe all of them arrive today so Mare and I don’t just have ‘burger’ with no ‘Busta.’

Today is also paynight. I’m looking forward to the three-day weekend ahead. Holiday pay is sweet.

My new motto for being an employee or just working somewhere is: “If you’re not going to work, then don’t work here.”

I am a strong believer in karma. When you mess with a system, then it will mess with you. I’m really getting tired of witnessing people make a mockery of the department I work in, and I am slowly but surely putting the pressure on. Most of them won’t be happy, but the vacation will be coming to an end.

I look at it this way: This company is helping you survive get by financially. Show respect and appreciation by earning your way and pulling your weight. Again: “If you’re not going to work, then don’t work here.”

I’m sure most of them show up just for the check. If they don’t like working for this company, then I’m sure they can find somewhere else to waste their time. I think they just stay for comfort and apathy. Anger won’t solve their problems, and they’ve already dug their graves. “I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did.” they may say. Inside, I snicker.

I will be attending a service on Saturday morning for my friend’s father’s passing.

My father is coming home, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him on Labor Day.

I still have to prepare the rent check to drop off tomorrow before work. I’m usually early with it, but I was swamped this week.

I really enjoy when I just work my eight hours, do next to nothing at night/have no obligations at that time, and repeat this process. This week felt like I was working the forty plus a part-time, or I could look at it like I had appointments after work every day this weekend. I’m glad I was still able to enjoy most of my early morning hours along with sleeping in.

Peace out.

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the scramble channel

I lost fifty bucks today. My car was towed, because we received a notice on Monday that they are in the process of repaving sections of the complex’s parking lot over time. I parked further down from where I normally park, because parking was all taken up when I arrived home that night. The parking here can be stranged. Some nights, especially Thursdays and Fridays, I have no trouble finding a spot. During the week, it can be difficult.

The complex had a tow truck show up and relocate the cars that were parked in the area they were paving today to a different part of the parking lot. I was peeved that the notice was only sent the day before. I wish they would have a) given earlier notice so I could be completely prepared, b) possibly given their valued tenants a courtesy call about it rather than a notice on the door, and c) maybe let me know where my car was towed to.

I did my usual punctual routine for going to work. I left the apartment to discover the lot where my car was parked in was cleared of cars and had been repaved. I even had a feeling the night before that I wanted to move my car later in the night, because that’s not where I normally park. My feeling but lack to act on it has cost me.

I’m really thinking of debating it with the management, but I do realize my shortcoming. Unlike me, I’m telling myself that it’s just fifty bucks. I look at how I found forty-five dollars without effort. I also take into account getting paid back with money that I haven’t really missed but know is owed to me. Just typing that makes me think that I’m probably not going to put up a fight ’cause that’s contradictory to my character especially over something as evil and soulless as money. So yes, I’m just gonna find out what I owe the (mis)management for the tow, pay it, and case closed.

They haven’t been active with the work orders I gave them last Monday about a few things around the apartment including the air-conditioning, and I called them about it today. They used the default excuse that the repair people have been backed up. What drove me up the wall is the (c)(u)(n)(t) yawned on the phone! I know she probably had to be at work early, getting off in an hour and probably had to deal with a bunch of shit from tenants having the cars towed including myself ’cause I did mention it, but c’mon! Give me some respect on the phone.

I’m not angry. I’m really just venting this BS out. Karma’s on my side. I have bigger fish to fry, and nothing’s going to stop me from getting through that. Peace out.

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the triad

Working on computers is an enjoyable hobby of mine. Although stress comes into play when solving the issue isn’t simply a quick fix, I still get a good feeling from correcting problems computers bring on to their owners or bringing life to new machines.

I notice an odd trend when it comes to working with computers. I don’t do it all the time, but when I do, the tasks usually arrive in threes. In other words, I won’t just be fixing one system; I’ll be working with three systems usually unrelated to each other.

Let me elaborate with my most recent triad. I get a notebook that has dozens of issues and fix it. I get my notebook processor upgrade and change that out. I have a friend who wanted to purchase a new system, and I’ve helped him purchase it and will be helping him assemble it. Three.

I was hoping for more performance from my Turion, but I am still satisfied with my investment. I’m glad to have repaired that other notebook and it seems to be doing its users well. My friend’s new system should be arriving by the end of the week or early next week, and I should have a good time putting that together.

The thought has crossed my mind if I should do it for a living, but I’ve declined. I really do it for the fun and problem-solving aspect. I’m not looking to making a quick buck or make a living out of it. The job is filled with headaches, and I am also liable if I don’t solve the problem. Issues that happen with computers are so many that sometimes I don’t have the time or resources to solve them. Truly, I only fix systems for friends because that is what friends are for.

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the sex and the city

Lately, Sig and I have been watching Sex and the City on DVD. We are now a little way into the third season. We did skip through the majority of the first season because it’s rather painful to watch if you’re a guy. I have also seen it in it’s entirety.

This week I am going to be test running some recipes from my new cookbook, 365 Easy Chicken Recipes. If they turn out as good as they sound, then I may have to bring one to Tuesday: the Gathering.

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the successful notebook upgrade

The upgrade was a success. My new Turion is running with no problems. I did hear an odd noise like the fan was being clunky, but that has ceased. I’m excusing it as the notebook adjusting to its change.

The upgrading process was simple:

  • Remove the plastic piece that covers speakers and heatsink.
  • Unscrew the one screw that holds the keyboard in place.
  • Move the keyboard out of the way.
  • Loosen the four screws to loosen the heatsink then completely unscrew them.
  • Carefully remove the heatsink. The fins are fragile and will bend easily.
  • Unlatch the processor to remove it from the socket.
  • Remove the old processor. Pop in the new one. Make sure the pins line up or risk bending them.
  • Apply thermal compound to the core of the new processor. I don’t know if this will do anything. The old processor didn’t have any on it, but from my desktop-building experiences, this is a very crucial step in the process.
  • Line up heatsink and screw back in place.
  • Line up keyboard and screw back in place.
  • Replace the plastic cover.
  • Power it up and hope it doesn’t explode.

I’m the compulsively careful type of system builder, and it took me roughly 45 minutes from start to finish. If I was being timed, I could have probably done it in about 15 to 20.

One more day of work and the weekend will be here. This day should go by fairly quick since we’re already seven hours into it. Peace out.

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the lancaster

I was greeting with a Christmas stocking plethora of goodies when I checked the mailbox after work today.

The new issue of my bathroom reader had arrived. I also received a couple discs from BBO which are essential for a complete Bustaburger night for Mare and me.

The best item of all was a package I had been waiting for all week. This package contained my newest addition to my computer collection: an AMD Turion 64 ML-37.

These puppies were going for a couple Benjamins when I was first looking into them almost two years ago. My notebook came with a Sempron 2600+ which was almost comparable to my Thunderbird. Both processors ran at 1.6GHz (the T-bird was an OC‘ed 1.4), but the Athlon had a 256kb L2 cache which was twice that of the Sempron.

Now I will be upgrading my notebook with a Turion. This model has a 1MB cache, four times the size of the Thunderbird, eight times the size of the Sempron. I also scored this gem for half the price of what they’re currently selling for. This processor should greatly reduce my wait time when I “shrink” and can be a valuable tool for folding.

This will be the last post I write on this machine before switching out the processors and rebirthing it with a Turion. I hope all goes well.

One more post in these wee hours of the morning will follow. You’ve probably already read it unless you’re reading this now.

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the salmon fried rice

This is another cheap and easy recipe. It’s a great way to use up leftover rice.

Salmon Fried Rice Ingredients:

  • 3 packets fresh packed salmon
  • 1 c onions, diced
  • 1 c mushrooms, diced
  • 1 c frozen peas and carrots.
  • 4 c cooked rice
  • 1 egg
  • garlic to taste
  • 3+ Tbsp. soy sauce

Sauté the mushrooms and onions in a large saucepan until the onions are translucent. Add garlic and frozen peas and carrots. Cook until the peas and carrots are soft. Add salmon, rice, and soy sauce to the pan and stir. Heat the rice in the microwave if it has been refrigerated. Scramble the egg and pour it over the top of the rice mixture. It will cook as it touches the sides of the pan. Add more soy sauce if you like.

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