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the scatterpost

The end of the month has finally here. This week has been a little busier than usual. Let’s recap.
Sunday: Dinner with the family that involved a long discussion about the plans for October. I’m sure I’ll go into detail here in the near future.
Monday: The work week begins. The day is usual, but the main […]

the scramble channel

I lost fifty bucks today. My car was towed, because we received a notice on Monday that they are in the process of repaving sections of the complex’s parking lot over time. I parked further down from where I normally park, because parking was all taken up when I arrived home that night. The parking […]

the triad

Working on computers is an enjoyable hobby of mine. Although stress comes into play when solving the issue isn’t simply a quick fix, I still get a good feeling from correcting problems computers bring on to their owners or bringing life to new machines.
I notice an odd trend when it comes to working with computers. […]

the sex and the city

Lately, Sig and I have been watching Sex and the City on DVD. We are now a little way into the third season. We did skip through the majority of the first season because it’s rather painful to watch if you’re a guy. I have also seen it in it’s entirety.
This week I am going […]

the successful notebook upgrade

The upgrade was a success. My new Turion is running with no problems. I did hear an odd noise like the fan was being clunky, but that has ceased. I’m excusing it as the notebook adjusting to its change.
The upgrading process was simple:

Remove the plastic piece that covers speakers and heatsink.
Unscrew the one screw that […]

the lancaster

I was greeting with a Christmas stocking plethora of goodies when I checked the mailbox after work today.
The new issue of my bathroom reader had arrived. I also received a couple discs from BBO which are essential for a complete Bustaburger night for Mare and me.
The best item of all was a package I had […]

the salmon fried rice

This is another cheap and easy recipe. It’s a great way to use up leftover rice.
Salmon Fried Rice Ingredients:

3 packets fresh packed salmon
1 c onions, diced
1 c mushrooms, diced
1 c frozen peas and carrots.
4 c cooked rice
1 egg
garlic to taste
3+ Tbsp. soy sauce

Saut√© the mushrooms and onions in a large saucepan until […]