the move

Today was moving day. I am simply relieved to be showered and well-fed. I felt as if I had been swept up in a nightmarish avalanche of cleaning, packing and sweating.

I started cooling my apartment on Friday, with the idea that it would be nice and chilly by the time I returned today to start packing. However, the air conditioning at my old unit no longer cools. My “old school” thermostat read the room’s temperature at 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is as high as the gauge can read. I felt as if I was running a marathon. I realized it was cooler outside the apartment, so I left the door open some, in order to help cool the place. Mosquitoes were on me like white on rice, drawn in by the strong scent of a perspiring human.

I also discovered that I had a spider infestation. They were everywhere. Spiders are number two on my “Bugs to be afraid of” list (Cockroaches hold the top spot). Those that weren’t already dead were killed on site and promptly vacuumed up.

I also had to transport Sig’s sister’s vintage Free Spirit back to his pad. Since the bike is old, it’s made of heavy alloys and weighs approximately sixty pounds. It rocks uncomfortably on the bike rack if the driver is traveling above 50mph.


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