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the heat

The summer heat has returned with a vengeance. Yesterday was the hottest temperature recorded all summer for our geographical area. Many of the area lakes and spring fed pools are now reopened, recovering slowly from the record summer rainfall. ranks the area mosquito activity as “moderate.” I think they are going for sarcasm.

I made dinner this evening for Sig, K$ and myself. It was chicken and wagon wheel pasta with chipotle pesto. I used the same sort of chipotle peppers as they do at work. The container read “Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.” Adobo sauce burns with the spite of hell. I have only encountered something that tastes so ruthless in one other place in my entire life in the form of wing sauce. Normally, I can eat my fair share of pasta, but I could hardly finish a scoop of this. My mouth felt as if I was breathing fire. My face still tingles from the sensation. Sig and I gave the rest to PK, who will hopefully appreciate the spiciness.


Ceiling fans are a cost effective way to improve your home. Depending on the direction the fan blades are spinning, it can help to cool or heat your room. If the fan is spinning counterclockwise, the air is pushed down and causes sweat to evaporate from the skin. If the fan is spinning clockwise, it will disperse the air near the ceiling and push it down the walls of a room. This can serve to heat the room in the winter time when hot air is pushed back down closer to the room’s occupants.

Many ceiling fans have light attachments that provide good allover lighting for a room. Hunter ceiling fans are made by Hunter Fan Co., the pioneering company of ceiling fans. They offer fans in a variety of styles meant to suit your home decor needs.


Comment from Dry Scalp Treatment :
Time: 26 October 2010, 6:47

ceiling fans are great for cooling a warm room with large area. i prefer them over multiple desk fans-*~

Comment from Canister Set ยท
Time: 13 November 2010, 8:42

7 blade ceiling fans have much better performance compared to those three bladed fans ~~`

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