the root of all evil

We just finished watching a wonderful documentary titled Maxed Out about how credit ruins people’s lives and is ruining the stability of this country’s economy. I highly recommend it.

This is what I to say about people and being responsible about their debts:

  • Don’t start a fire you can’t put out.
  • If you mess with a mean dog, he’ll bite back.

Credit companies and debt collectors can be ruthless, but I believe they have every right to be if you’ve broken one or more of their rules. Remember: You signed an agreement for them to get your back when you’re short on funds. You’ve rubbed them the wrong way by paying them late, not paying them at all or even used more than they’ve given you, so you are liable to suffer the penalties that you agreed on by signing that paper. The print may be fine, but it can still be read and understood.

Be careful when you start using credit or already use it. I was fascinated by the statistic displayed in the film that more Americans will file for bankruptcy than people who file for divorce, graduate from college or get cancer.


People who have chemical dependencies may turn to drug rehabs to help them break their destructive habits. This takes willpower and dedication. Addiction can be both psychological and physical. A person with a drug habit needs to first realize he has a problem and that he needs to get help. A rehab program is a possible solution that can improve someone’s life.

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