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On Monday night, you might have attempted to visit but could not access this. Unfortunately, my hosting provider was completely down. I validated this by unsuccessfully visiting sites that are hosted by the same host and also receiving alerts after the fact since I could not access my email set up through this host. I was very disappointed and was looking into other hosts during the incident.

I spent much of that night tweaking my Debian system and watching Johnny Mnemonic with Mare and K-Bone. I spent most of tonight playing Magic: The Gathering for the first time in about fifteen years and greatly enjoyed it. I will have a deck of my own after this weekend is over.

I enjoy the fact that I’m not the only one of my co-workers that is still awake at this time ’cause you know it’s true.

I don’t enjoy the fact that I am only one physical entity that can only be at one place at one time. This is why I write here to write you ’cause I can’t see all of you regularly.

Yes, that last line screams 6:15am in the morning. I need to crash ’cause I will be paying my Wednesday visit to the Bust to score a copy of Disturbia. Peace out.


If you want to have a grand experience enjoying your huge LCD 1080p television or maybe your projector setup, then you should also have the comfortable home theater seating to adorn your living room. Imagine still having that dingy, old couch you bought ten years ago with holes in it but also having a brand new 7.1 surround sound system with a deluxe TV. That would not impress your guests. Be a good host and be good to yourself and make sure your living room is modern.

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