the theme park adventure

This past Sunday, Mare and I decided to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas. We had previously planned on going out of town elsewhere, but those plans had fallen through.

We spent most of Saturday running errands for hours after I had woken up extra late like I enjoy doing on the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, we made our way to Six Flags.

We went earlier in the summer for my brother’s company picnic. They had given us free passes to return which we were going to take advantage of before the summer ended.

Mare really wanted to go to the beach as part of our previous plan, so she decided that we were going to enjoy the water park at Six Flags. I had a blast. Water rides are enjoyable. We rode a few of the water rides which are very thrilling.

After we enjoyed the water park part of the theme park, we rode some of the regular rides. We ate a meal that cost as an arm and a leg but was not surprising at all. Then, we went on the Poltergeist which wasn’t as thrilling as I expected it to be. I really enjoyed the initial push that went really fast at the beginning then put you through a tangle of tracks.

As a cool-down, we found ourselves on the carousel. Mare finally got the sea horse this time. We had ridden the carousel a few times on our last visit, but some little girl was always calling out loud to her mother that she was gonna ride the sea horse every time. We were near the front of the line, so this time, the poor little girls wanting to ride the damn sea horse were SOL as long as we could help it. HA!

When the carousel ended, we proceed to ride the Superman Krypton Coaster which I greatly enjoy ’cause it really simulates you flying and is a pretty smooth ride. After Superman, we did another couple cool-downs which included that spinning swing thing and bumper cars.

We had planned on concluding with the Rattler, but we were both too worn out after the water park and following rides. I was feeling spun out myself, so we concluded our visit by just leaving for the evening and heading back to where we came from.


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