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At the beginning of 2000, a boy in the second semester of his senior year of high school received his own cell phone. His mother helped him pay for it, because the device cost more than $200. The model was a top-of-the-line Sanyo SCP-4000 tailored for Sprint. This phone was one of the smallest models available at the time.

He was careful with his electronics, but his phone was one that he carried with him almost everywhere. The SCP-4000 had a great run. The signal was always strong, and he didn’t have any problems with its performance. The battery did die eventually and was replaced a total of three times.

2007 arrived, and our cell phone user now works a 40-hour job at the prime age of 25. Many phone models have come and gone, and he recently received an offer in the mail to get a new phone for $50. He called and took up the offer at the end of July. The new phone, a Sanyo Katana II, arrived on the 8th of August and will be activated the next day.

Great times were spent with the SCP-4000. Thousands of calls, thousands of minutes and many, many conversations and communication exchanges were spoken thru this device, and now this phone will finally be allowed to rest.

I have reason to believe that the seven and a half years of service from this particular phone is a record breaker for cell phones in constant use. How long have you been using your current cell phone?

Sig's Sanyo SCP-4000

R.I.P. Sanyo SCP-4000

January 2000 – August 2007


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