the eighties

My salad days were in the ’90s, but I have great respect of the decade before. Electronic drums, the overuse of synthesizers and power ballad vocal stylings set the stage to this decade of downfall.

eMpTyV debuted which rocketed the music industry, especially pop music. The radio shifted its airwaves to cater to the rockstars sporting hairsprayed look and plastic chic. The decade could be distinctly pointed out from its counterparts, and its fashion trends and popular music were two elements to blame.

As I enjoy the nostalgia of ’80s pop singles, I am glad to say that my music preferences were polluted by the decade after. I can and already see the ’90s being the current ’80s by the falling out of the styles, looking back at the films of that era and how they don’t look so “shiny” like they did when I saw them ten to fifteen years ago.

Yes, we live in a new millennium. Digital introspection has conquered the world, and it supersedes the Moogs and prehistoric 3-D animation that set the foundation over 20 years ago. Visions can be preserved to never tarnish with age and be displayed the same over and over from discs etched with ones and zeroes which are shot with a laser that delivers the information through microscopic silicon pipelines and translated on LCD displays. Run-ons rule. Peace out.


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