the diurnal overtake

Diode, my Debian system, has been completing [email protected] Project 2653 every couple days this past week for the past five work units and is currently churning out another one. Each time this project is completed, I earn 1,760 points. This is boosting my rank faster than ever before and has also been good on my daily average.

Reasons why my Athlon X2 3600+ Brisbane rules:

  • Set with the biggest overclock I have ever managed (~855MHz increase and yes, I know people have surpassed the 3GHz but I had no luck stabilizing at that speed).
  • 64-bit dual-core, which means the ability to fold using the SMP client and earns me the big points
  • Energy-efficient (65 Watts TDP vs. 89 Watts TDP). The notebook I’m typing this on has a 25 Watt processor that runs @ 1.6GHz. That means for 1GHz more per core only takes less than 8 more Watts each.
  • Running on stock power settings and is cooled with a stock HSF and standard case fans (meaning nothing extra, outlandish or overpriced).

Insanity! This processor was also very, very affordable, runs cool and gets me performance similar to models two to three times its price.

Like I have mentioned in a previous post, the points this machine is raking in is almost ten times the amount of points I earn on another machine that folds 24/7 (Xylene).

I know that all sounded ultra-nerd, but hell, you’re the one reading it… nerd.

My sleep cycle has been off lately, it’s almost seven, and I really want to put on Lennon’s Imagine and slowly fade out. Peace.


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