the technemesis

For the past few hours, I have been trying to cure a sick computer.

I have run into dilemmas with this machine that include the following:

  • The optical drive (CD-RW) is broken, so the only methods of transferring data into the computer is with a USB drive or through a network. I’m using both methods.
  • The OS is Windows XP SP2. I only have XP SP1, so repair by refreshing the files won’t be possible this way.
  • The latest version of AVG anti-virus will not install on this computer. I have installed a very old version of AVG and currently running the virus check with it. If it doesn’t detect anything, then I’ll try the next version. I knew I had a reason to keep the old versions around!
  • System Restore is busted. It even gives me an “all hope is lost”-type message when I try.

HijackThis didn’t find much of anything suspicious. AdAware has already been run but hasn’t solved the issue. I’ve run CWShredder, and it did remove a Trojan in the MSConfig file. This told me that there is an infection somewhere.

I’ll probably be on this for the rest of the night busting out the big guns, but I blame the stinkin’ Celeron in this sick machine. I’m glad that it’s just a software issue ’cause I don’t tackle hardware issues ‘cept my own. I’m not giving up on this. Wish me luck.

While this sloth does its thing during system scans, I’ll be summon creatures by tapping mana with Mare. Peace out.


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