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I was greeting with a Christmas stocking plethora of goodies when I checked the mailbox after work today.

The new issue of my bathroom reader had arrived. I also received a couple discs from BBO which are essential for a complete Bustaburger night for Mare and me.

The best item of all was a package I had been waiting for all week. This package contained my newest addition to my computer collection: an AMD Turion 64 ML-37.

These puppies were going for a couple Benjamins when I was first looking into them almost two years ago. My notebook came with a Sempron 2600+ which was almost comparable to my Thunderbird. Both processors ran at 1.6GHz (the T-bird was an OC‘ed 1.4), but the Athlon had a 256kb L2 cache which was twice that of the Sempron.

Now I will be upgrading my notebook with a Turion. This model has a 1MB cache, four times the size of the Thunderbird, eight times the size of the Sempron. I also scored this gem for half the price of what they’re currently selling for. This processor should greatly reduce my wait time when I “shrink” and can be a valuable tool for folding.

This will be the last post I write on this machine before switching out the processors and rebirthing it with a Turion. I hope all goes well.

One more post in these wee hours of the morning will follow. You’ve probably already read it unless you’re reading this now.


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