the successful notebook upgrade

The upgrade was a success. My new Turion is running with no problems. I did hear an odd noise like the fan was being clunky, but that has ceased. I’m excusing it as the notebook adjusting to its change.

The upgrading process was simple:

  • Remove the plastic piece that covers speakers and heatsink.
  • Unscrew the one screw that holds the keyboard in place.
  • Move the keyboard out of the way.
  • Loosen the four screws to loosen the heatsink then completely unscrew them.
  • Carefully remove the heatsink. The fins are fragile and will bend easily.
  • Unlatch the processor to remove it from the socket.
  • Remove the old processor. Pop in the new one. Make sure the pins line up or risk bending them.
  • Apply thermal compound to the core of the new processor. I don’t know if this will do anything. The old processor didn’t have any on it, but from my desktop-building experiences, this is a very crucial step in the process.
  • Line up heatsink and screw back in place.
  • Line up keyboard and screw back in place.
  • Replace the plastic cover.
  • Power it up and hope it doesn’t explode.

I’m the compulsively careful type of system builder, and it took me roughly 45 minutes from start to finish. If I was being timed, I could have probably done it in about 15 to 20.

One more day of work and the weekend will be here. This day should go by fairly quick since we’re already seven hours into it. Peace out.


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