the triad

Working on computers is an enjoyable hobby of mine. Although stress comes into play when solving the issue isn’t simply a quick fix, I still get a good feeling from correcting problems computers bring on to their owners or bringing life to new machines.

I notice an odd trend when it comes to working with computers. I don’t do it all the time, but when I do, the tasks usually arrive in threes. In other words, I won’t just be fixing one system; I’ll be working with three systems usually unrelated to each other.

Let me elaborate with my most recent triad. I get a notebook that has dozens of issues and fix it. I get my notebook processor upgrade and change that out. I have a friend who wanted to purchase a new system, and I’ve helped him purchase it and will be helping him assemble it. Three.

I was hoping for more performance from my Turion, but I am still satisfied with my investment. I’m glad to have repaired that other notebook and it seems to be doing its users well. My friend’s new system should be arriving by the end of the week or early next week, and I should have a good time putting that together.

The thought has crossed my mind if I should do it for a living, but I’ve declined. I really do it for the fun and problem-solving aspect. I’m not looking to making a quick buck or make a living out of it. The job is filled with headaches, and I am also liable if I don’t solve the problem. Issues that happen with computers are so many that sometimes I don’t have the time or resources to solve them. Truly, I only fix systems for friends because that is what friends are for.


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