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I lost fifty bucks today. My car was towed, because we received a notice on Monday that they are in the process of repaving sections of the complex’s parking lot over time. I parked further down from where I normally park, because parking was all taken up when I arrived home that night. The parking here can be stranged. Some nights, especially Thursdays and Fridays, I have no trouble finding a spot. During the week, it can be difficult.

The complex had a tow truck show up and relocate the cars that were parked in the area they were paving today to a different part of the parking lot. I was peeved that the notice was only sent the day before. I wish they would have a) given earlier notice so I could be completely prepared, b) possibly given their valued tenants a courtesy call about it rather than a notice on the door, and c) maybe let me know where my car was towed to.

I did my usual punctual routine for going to work. I left the apartment to discover the lot where my car was parked in was cleared of cars and had been repaved. I even had a feeling the night before that I wanted to move my car later in the night, because that’s not where I normally park. My feeling but lack to act on it has cost me.

I’m really thinking of debating it with the management, but I do realize my shortcoming. Unlike me, I’m telling myself that it’s just fifty bucks. I look at how I found forty-five dollars without effort. I also take into account getting paid back with money that I haven’t really missed but know is owed to me. Just typing that makes me think that I’m probably not going to put up a fight ’cause that’s contradictory to my character especially over something as evil and soulless as money. So yes, I’m just gonna find out what I owe the (mis)management for the tow, pay it, and case closed.

They haven’t been active with the work orders I gave them last Monday about a few things around the apartment including the air-conditioning, and I called them about it today. They used the default excuse that the repair people have been backed up. What drove me up the wall is the (c)(u)(n)(t) yawned on the phone! I know she probably had to be at work early, getting off in an hour and probably had to deal with a bunch of shit from tenants having the cars towed including myself ’cause I did mention it, but c’mon! Give me some respect on the phone.

I’m not angry. I’m really just venting this BS out. Karma’s on my side. I have bigger fish to fry, and nothing’s going to stop me from getting through that. Peace out.


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