the hassle & the headache

Last week, the management in my complex had left a balance due notice at the front door. They said we owed them ten dollars for the waste/water bill from last month. They were wrong.

I already had the headache of receiving summertime electric bills over the season, but this notice was icing on the cake. I called the office to inquire about this error, and they said that they’d get back to me about it. I expected a call in an hour or two, but they did not return my call until I was fast asleep the morning of the next day.

I did not answer, but after realizing that the call was from them, I called them back immediately. They said the reason I owed them the ten bucks was because I had paid them ten dollars less than what was owed. They quoted that I owed them ten dollars more than the record stub I had in my hand. I told them I had the stub and that I paid the bill in full as part of the rent check for the month. They offered that I drop by to show them, and I accepted. I was at the office in about ten minutes after speaking with them on the phone.

I had the stub and the notice in my possession. Miraculously, the lady who deals with the B.S. she dishes out had stepped out. One of the employees was available for me to speak with, and I told her about the situation. She offered that I leave the paperwork with her so she could give it to the assistant manager (the lady whose name was on the notice) when she returned. The estimated time of return was 30 minutes. I was hesitant and said that I’d be back. I did not want to give her my only copies of both documents.

Before I left, I also inquired about a work order I had placed over a month ago concerning the air conditioner, a hole in the wall and the icemaker. She jotted the info on a note and said she’d look into it.

Tired because I am usually not awake at 9:45 in the morning, I went back to my apartment, made a copy of the documents, went back to the office and told the employee that I had to go to work soon (fib) and left the paperwork with her. I have yet to hear a resolution from them, but I am pretty sure that I will not owe them the ten dollars they said I did not pay.

Two people at work told me that apartment complexes will not admit their fault. This is a perfect test of that theory.

Around 2 in the afternoon, someone knocks on the door. It’s one of the maintenance men, and he has arrived to complete the work order from a month ago. The A/C turned out to be functioning correctly. The complex and I were both at fault. As it turns out, the units are cheap and old, so to maximize the air flow, generic low-quality air filters should only be used in the unit. They are at fault for having inefficient air-conditioning units. I am at fault for worrying about the respiratory systems of occupants of my apartment by using a higher-grade filter.

He replaced the icemaker, because he failed to repair the icemaker the last time. He also filled the hole in the wall. He was very fast at completing the work order and was a very nice guy. He’s good at what he does. The management is to blame for the delay in service.

I don’t think I am going to hear from the office about the ten dollars. I know it’s just ten measly dollars, but I’m all about the principle of the situation, folks. Again, do not mess with my money. “Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions.” (Big Worm, Friday)

I also don’t think they’re going to charge me for towing my car when they started paving the parking lot because of their lack of organization. I haven’t paid them yet, but they haven’t said anything so that will hang in the air until they do. If they do, then I’ll give them the reasons why the tow was unjust.

They started the continuation of paving the parking lot yesterday. The letter they copied for all the tenants and hung on our doors had updates that should have been on the first. This is why it rained, and this is why paving was delayed: lack of organization, lack of thought and unjust towing.

So I’m having some beef with the management of the complex I live in. They lack organization. I love the apartment I live in. The location is great, and it’s very close to my place of employment. The rent is fair, and I have a great roommate. Things are working out well, and I would like to renew my lease if the rent does go up too much from what I pay now.

All this thought about my apartment and rent and bills are going to be paid very, very soon. Peace out.

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the days go by

Wednesday is already here. In about 24 hours from now, I will probably be getting schooled at Magic. Wish me luck. Thursday follows then Payday then the much-awaited weekend.

Work has been uneventful. The whole system has been routine lately. I wake up, get ready for work, attend work, go home, repeat (except for Wednesday: The Gathering and Bustaburger Nite.)

This weekend will be the last weekend until the last weekend of October when I am not doing something wedding-related. That last weekend will encapsulate the annual Halloween party at the Benchmark which I will be attending.

Time is flying by quick. Only a few months remain in 2007. Where did all the time go? I keep asking myself that. I keep wondering where my direction is going and if it exists. I sit in comfort wondering yet I know I am capable of more. Will anything unfold soon? Will I let it?

Tonight, I will tweak my deck some for tomorrow ’cause I look forward to it. Cheesy bread, booze and spells equals a good time.

This ramble ends here: Peace out.

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the speed of time

Time is going by faster than I expected this month. September is almost over. I am happy the weather is starting to cool down a bit. I have been getting better at not just getting up in time to shower and dress for work. Now is the time to be getting ready for work, so I’m going to do that. I’ll be updating this again tonite. Peace out.

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the egyptian rat screw

My siblings came over for dinner tonite. Mare made a delicious pasta meal consisting of fettuccine in marinara with Italian sausage.

Afterwards, we played Spades. Mare & I lost, but we were close. I managed to get a double nil one round and a nil another which brought us out of the heavy negative we were in at the beginning of the game.

To close out the night, we drank some coffee and played Egyptian Rat Screw. I’ve play this game before, but I couldn’t remember how. My sister gave me a quick run-through, and we were ready to go. I really enjoyed that game. My brother ended up winning, but the game did last a while.

In case you don’t remember, here’s the way we played Egyptian Rat Screw in a nutshell:

  • The entire deck is dealt minus the joker cards. Each person should have 13 cards.
  • No one looks at their cards.
  • The first person flips their top card out and face up. The person to his left then puts a card on the table face up. This process is repeated until a face card or an ace is drawn.
  • When a face card is put on the table, the person to the left of the person who put the face down puts down the corresponding number of cards:

Jacks – 1
Queens – 2
Kings 3
Aces – 4

  • If another face card isn’t placed in the number of tries, the person who put down the face card wins the pile. If a face card is put down, then the next person puts down the corresponding number of cards on the pile in hopes of putting down a face card.
  • Here’s the fun part: If two of the same card is put down on the table in a row, then the first person to slap the stack wins the pile. If two of the same card is put down on the table only one card apart (e.g. 10 then 5 then another 10), then the first person to slap the stack wins the pile. The latter is called a sandwich.
  • Jacks are the strong card of the game, because this gives the next person the least number of chances to draw a face card which gives the person who put down the Jack a better chance of winning the pile.
  • When a person wins the pile, the pile returns to his hand in order to the bottom of his existing pile.
  • If a person runs out of cards, then he still has a chance of returning by slapping doubles or a sandwich and winning the pile.
  • If a person with cards slaps and the top cards of the pile are neither doubles or a sandwich, then he has to discard his top card to the bottom of the pile face up.
  • The winner is the person who gets all of the cards.

I hope I covered most of the rules. Let me know if I missed something. I will now return to the second disc of Season Three of The Office ’cause that show is currently one of my favorites. I will probably fade out after a couple episodes then enjoy the rest of my Friday. I heart you, too. Peace out.