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the olly olly oxen free

I’m having the toughest time falling asleep right now. I have Magic on the brain.
TMNT the cartoon is playing right now, and I will fall asleep to that.
Tomorrow: Chinese buffet (w00t!), buy some booster packs, play some cards.
I’m glad the weekend is here, and I just got paid. Rent’s due Monday. Electric bill’s going in […]

the hassle & the headache

Last week, the management in my complex had left a balance due notice at the front door. They said we owed them ten dollars for the waste/water bill from last month. They were wrong.
I already had the headache of receiving summertime electric bills over the season, but this notice was icing on the cake. I […]

the most successful online business

the truck toolbox

the days go by

Wednesday is already here. In about 24 hours from now, I will probably be getting schooled at Magic. Wish me luck. Thursday follows then Payday then the much-awaited weekend.
Work has been uneventful. The whole system has been routine lately. I wake up, get ready for work, attend work, go home, repeat (except for Wednesday: The […]

the speed of time

Time is going by faster than I expected this month. September is almost over. I am happy the weather is starting to cool down a bit. I have been getting better at not just getting up in time to shower and dress for work. Now is the time to be getting ready for work, so […]

the egyptian rat screw

My siblings came over for dinner tonite. Mare made a delicious pasta meal consisting of fettuccine in marinara with Italian sausage.
Afterwards, we played Spades. Mare & I lost, but we were close. I managed to get a double nil one round and a nil another which brought us out of the heavy negative we were […]