the labor day weekend

Three-day weekends are wonderful. The only sad part is when they end.

Saturday included:

  • Waking up too early on Saturday to attend a viewing and memorial service for my friend’s father.
  • Having lunch with Mare at my favorite Chinese buffet. My only complaint was the hot and sour soup didn’t taste right.
  • Going to Fry’s not knowing what I wanted but picking up a new spindle anyway while Mare got a Bluetooth adapter.
  • Running into a 20% sale at Half Price Books and picking up a 6-disc set of Choke read by Palahniuk himself, Robota by Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game) and Doug Chiang (an Academy Award-winning artist who has worked for ILM), and A Kierkegaard Anthology.
  • Getting schooled by J-Bone at Magic with his artifact deck and drinking PBRs with a room full of friends and acquaintances.

Sunday included:

  • Sleeping in later than usual and enjoying every bit of it.
  • Rain.
  • Going to the grocery store and spending more than I should but it was a three-paycheck month so it’s okay.
  • My car not starting as I decide to leave my complex to visit my parents. My brother picks me up and gives me a ride.
  • Visiting my parents with my brother. Having my dad fix us up some T-bones and loving every bite.
  • Concluding that my car battery is kaput and quickly replacing it to bring my vehicle back to life.
  • Watching a couple movies with Mare: Blades of Glory, which was okay but only worth a watch if anything, and The Net, which is outdated and not very good.

Monday included:

  • More rain.
  • Having my alarm clock go off at the time I should be awake to get ready for work but having a smile on my face ’cause I’m off for the holiday.
  • Getting paid to stay home and enjoy myself instead of going to work.
  • Sitting at the computer anyway playing the balancing game and the data backup game.
  • Visiting my parents for the second day in a row, munching on some fried chicken, playing Scrabble and some cards with my siblings and my dad.
  • Drinking Crown and Cokes with my brother, Mare and my dad.
  • Watching Bicentennial Man with Mare and loving every bit of it ’cause I’m a superfan for movies involving robots.
  • Staying up ultra-late knowing I’m probably just going to get up just in time to get ready for work and go.

And that’s how my weekend was spent. Peace out.


Kids enjoy bunk beds. They can drape a big blanket over the bottom bunk and have a fortress to play in. When I was growing up, my brother and I had bunk beds. They were a great space saver and provided many years of good sleep. Anyone with two kids close in age that share a room should consider having bunk beds.

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  1. bunk beds should be made from strong materials like steel or better yet composite fibers;.:

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