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the creature of habit

About 17 hours ago, I had an eye exam. My vision has gotten worse. I know it has because I have trouble at night seeing street signs when I’m driving.

I’m sticking to these same style of frames on my face that I’ve worn for almost a decade. The receptionist behind the desk called me a “creature of habit” when I informed her of this when inquiring about them carrying the style. The only sale they were going to get from me was for the exam. I was only testing their selling skills by playing the curious customer.

The exam was $29 which got me a small piece of paper with numbers written on it a.k.a. a prescription. All the doctor did was have me read bottom two lines of the eye chart with my glasses on but one eye covered then the other. Then, he put that device over my eyes that’s on the cover of Green Day’s Insomniac album where you tell him if the letters on the chart are better or worse while he flips through the different settings. I didn’t have my eyes dilated. I didn’t have to go through the glaucoma test where they spit the air in your eye which is annoying.

I’m ordering the frames and lenses online ’cause they’re less expensive even with shipping included. I know these optical places have to mark their glasses and contacts up to stay in business, but it’s my hard-earned money.

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