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I have this habit of holding on to all of my receipts.

This post is merely a ramble. My MP3 player stopped working. I’m sending it back to be fixed. I couldn’t find the receipt. Here we go.

Recently, my T.sonic 310 MP3 player’s MP3-playing function stopped working. I think something in it fried when I was testing out the front USB ports on the new machine I built but I accidentally wired them backwards. The storage function still works fine. It’s just that the MP3 function doesn’t power on when I plug the headphones in which is the way you turn on the gadget.

I prepared an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization for those unfamiliar, in other words I am sending it back for repair or replacement) and the RMA directions had read that I need to include the original receipt or invoice.

So I dug through a plastic case perfect for storing comic books full of receipts and random scraps of paper I held on to last year. I managed to find the instruction manual, driver CD and ad inserts but no sign of the receipt. I might have sent it to a rebate center with the rebate form which was one of the top selling points of the product.

On the actual sheet that I had to print out and include the RMA form with the T.sonic 310. Nowhere on that form does it say I have to include a receipt. In the email version of the RMA form that was sent after I submitted the information, it said on the checklist of what to include in the package next to “Copy of your original invoice” was “(if available)”.

So I think I’m in the clear here. I’ll follow this post up when they send my MP3 player back repaired, replaced or rejected. Peace out.

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