the gathering

Wednesday: The Gathering has been the after work routine for weeks now. I really enjoy playing Magic with my friends from work. The downside is the thought that I have to be at work the next day. The time I spend summoning spells and tapping mana really makes the night feel like the weekend.

You win some. You lose some. What I get out of playing is the learning experience in a game of endless possibilities.

I still need to look into the chess clock, because we devised a game mode that is a hybrid of Magic and rapid chess. The main flaw I figured out is the time consumed during the opponent’s opportunity to block and/or take damage and the following casting phase. What J-Bone and I decided to do is stop the clock during that time so neither player is penalized during those phases. A flaw in that solution is I don’t think chess clocks work that way but after diving into the Wikipedia pool, the solution to that would be to get a delay clock instead. Ultra combo!

In other news:

  • The company that manufactures my MP3 player received my RMA yesterday.
  • My new eyeglasses are on backorder.
  • The middle of the month will be here in a couple days.
  • The weather is getting cooler slowly but surely.
  • In less than 24 hours, my direct deposit will drop. w00t!
  • I’ve been eating out more than usual this week for certain reasons.
  • I’ve decided on a concept for my holiday card this year.
  • The TV shows I’m digging right now are: The Office, Weeds and Sex and the City.
  • I earned 1,760 points folding yesterday.
  • We’re getting a new betta this weekend most likely.
  • Life has been good lately.

It’s almost six and really time to put something to watch on and fall asleep. Peace out.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

—Truman, The Truman Show

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