the peak hour

Mare & I stopped at the grocery store, and I guess everyone else in that part of town thought to do the same thing. The store was so busy that the checkout lines were all backed up. I’m sure you can imagine. The place we usually go has smaller aisles, so when it’s busy, everyone’s playing bumper carts with each other and impatiently waiting for the aisles to be unblocked while they make their way through.

Yesterday was a different story. With ACL in full effect, this town congregated to Zilker Park for music, fun and exploding propane tanks. We decided against and instead unlock our inner nerds the day after payday.

We went to a total of four collectible card shops to enhance our Magic decks and watched a performance of Neville’s Island which starred one of our fellow Magic players (who I defeated two times in a row… sorry, man). I was mainly after booster packs for the luck of the draw.

I am very amused how I can be considered a full-fledge adult yet I spend a portion of my paycheck on a trading card game. I guess I’m just reliving a portion of my childhood that can be lumped in with my collecting of television shows I watched as a kid that include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and You Can’t Do That On Television. Fortunately, I haven’t splurged on Magic to put me hundreds in the hole ’cause I’d rather blow it on technology which is inevitable.

I’m considering playing in a local tournament, but I realize that I need to build up some experience as well as a couple good tournament-legal decks. My reason for wanting to enter is the enticement of winning prizes and learning more about the game from players other than the ones I play against on a regular basis.

I’m also wondering when this flame we have for Magic will burn out. Just a thought.

These past couple weekends I had visited my parents around this time. Today, I don’t feel like it. I am also way overdue for a haircut but too lazy today to go get it. We’ll see if I get it tomorrow before work. I’m really doubting it.

My machines are all doing one thing or another whether it’s running the shrink ray, the burn ray or the scan ray. This one was doing the shrink ray but finished a while ago and is currently assisting me with the blog ray. Oh, the nonsense. Peace out.


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