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the platinum angel

Platinum AngelTonight, Mare and I played a few rounds of Magic. I finished constructing her new blue and white deck, and she defeated me 3 out of 4 games. I know I still need to constantly tweak my decks to make them satisfactory, but cards I would like are more than I’m willing to pay.

I’ve been looking into constructing a tournament-legal deck to get in on the real action. I figured the game has been revised many times over for the right reasons. I’m still debating whether to go 10th Edition and Time Spiral and build a deck out of those sets or wait for Lorwyn and see what else it has to offer since it’s less than a month away. I’ve worked on Option A, but I see myself tilting towards Option B. I haven’t built any sort of winning streak that I can feel satisfied about. I just lost three games tonite!

Yes, my obsession with Magic keeps getting worse. Fortunately (and I know I mentioned this in the previous post), I’m happy to possess the self-control to not be hundreds in the hole because of this game. Furthermore, I am glad that I don’t have thousands of cards sitting around that I’m probably never going to play with although the stack increases little by little.

Magic is an expensive hobby, and I witness people spending their dollars that maybe they didn’t necessarily work hard for but definitely invested hours of their life in earning. The direction I’m going with this desire to play in local tournaments will probably shift me towards throwing some hard-earned dollars into the game, but I guess you could say it beats constantly losing at Hold ‘Em.

Right now, I’m kind of feeling like I don’t need to spend as much as everyone I play with has ’cause I still have fun playing. That’s all that should matter unless I’m playing in a tournament, right? Would the pleasure of schooling everyone I play Magic with be worth the cash I spent hours of my life earning when instead of earning that money I could have been actually enjoying life? Is owning all these rare cards worth more to me than enjoy their price in juicy steaks or computer upgrades? Those are some questions that run through my mind.

With all that said, I am going to detach myself from this machine and those cards for the nite and put on Bones to fade into sleep. Peace out.


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