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the garlic-infused oil

The television set is the devil and other reasons life is worth living:

  • I watched a movie for the first time in about a week tonite.
  • I realized I’ve started to not enjoy watching movies after work, because I simply don’t have much time to spend when I get home.
  • This is why I am up at six in the morning. I’ll end up finally falling asleep in maybe an hour or two then wake up most likely an hour before work.
  • This routine has become clockwork for me.
  • My perpetual work/live/sleep cycle has become mostly predictable.
  • Lately, I’ve enjoyed watching TV shows on DVD & DivX, because they are shorter and I can choose how many I want to watch rather than tuning in next week.
  • This method fits my schedule better.
  • This is yet another reason why I don’t want or need cable television. (Why waste hundreds a year to rot my brain even more especially since I’m at work during prime time?!)

I still have to get the calendar together for my adventurous October. I could have done that tonight, but I can only wonder where all the time went. *sargasm* « intentional misspelling

I infused some garlic into blended olive oil for the cheesy bread for Wednesday: The Gathering tomorrow night. I look forward to that night as I’ve always been doing these past weeks. I will admit that Magic went to my head these past few nights, but I can say the fire’s died down a bit.

I’m shrinking one last disc for the night. I have a couple albums to burn for PK to convince him to go to the Strung Out show on Saturday night. I’m gonna finish the episode of Bones that I didn’t finish last night then fade out as Phase 3 states in the United States Edition of The Revised Manual for Isochronal Urban Living. Peace out.


Television and film companies include closed captioning in their works to satisfy the hearing impaired. Subtitles can also add to the enjoyment of watching something on the screen when the volume isn’t turned up, the surroundings are too loud or simply for the pleasure of reading the dialogue. Services exist that take the task of adding closed captioning out of a media producer’s hands to save time and money.

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