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the hotels of italy

the orlando hotels

the tap and sacrifice

K$ & I played Magic all nite, and it was a great way to spend my time off work and everything else. I have to say that I enjoy one-on-one games over team games, because they go by so much faster.
The extra chill weather has been excellent since Monday. My favorite part is that the […]

the fast source

the lack thereof

Being either too tired, too busy or too lazy has made updating this another chore on the stack. October is almost over, and this month’s post count (this one’s #9) will land the record of the least posts. Technically, you can consider August last year the month of the least posts, but the updating didn’t […]

the collision

the empire state (part 2)

Over a week’s gone by since I’ve written a new post. I feel obligated now to update this.
I still have to complete “the empire state (part 2),” so I will give it to you in a nutshell with as much as I can remember to start this string of posts off.
Our first mission once […]