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Welcome October. You are my month of weddings, plane rides and visiting all over the country. You are the month I cash in most of my PTO, so I can still get by and then some.

The weekend was very relaxing. K$ and I ate at my favorite Chinese buffet on Saturday. Hands down on consistency, I really enjoy China Star. My favorite delights they offer that I have every time I visit are: fried rice, egg rolls, teriyaki chicken, sesame chicken, General Tso’s chicken, crab rangoon, hot & sour soup, these spicy rib pieces that aren’t the usual neon red spare ribs you’re used to seeing, and rice noodles.

Afterwards, we went card-shopping. K$ bought some theme decks and some booster packs. I got some booster packs. We were hesitant on going to our last location that we planned on but decided to go. I’m glad we did. They sell single commons that you can sift through and are so much closer to where I live than the other places that sell them around here.

That night, we visited our Wednesday: The Gathering crew and played ’til four in the morning. I was on a terrible losing streak, but that just tells me that my deck needs so much more tweaking. I’m also on the verge on building another deck, but that’ll take some time.

Sunday was an extremely uneventful day. I slept most of the day, and by most of the day, I mean I really spent most of the day sleeping. The only time I recall being up when the sun was out was when I fed the fish, watered the plants, put the dishes away, made me something to eat, and watched some of Sleeper. Other than that, I was pretty much zonked out most of the day.

Now the weekend is over. A new month has arrived. I’m really waiting for the autumn weather to settle in, because I prefer miserable weather to hot weather. I need to get up at a decent time tomorrow to get a much overdue haircut. Usually I’ll set my mind and my alarm clock to do something like that and will finally get around to it. Peace out.


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