the neutrino flavour oscillation

I spend almost eight hours a day at work like a worker ant shifting grains of sands from one place to another but with bits of data that become part of a bigger picture.

When I get home from a monotonous day, my silly self will sometimes sit in front of the computer doing almost the same thing. I need to snap out of this. I need spend less time in front of this, but it can be oh so relaxing.

This is what encapsulates my usual weekday expenditure: sitting in front of a computer. If I’m not wasting time on the internet or wasting time with this blog or caught in some sort of digital vortex tweaking with code or organizing files, then I’m watching digitized film in the form of DVDs or DivX files. Is this where I saw myself in ten years when I was in high school? Perhaps.

I, along with millions of others across the globe, find ourselves in this vicious cycle. Will this habit change any time soon, or is this our inevitable doom?

I realize I can do a zillion other things, but again, this is oh so relaxing.

Since my hair is weighing down my head and I still have yet to get that much-delayed haircut, I will attempt to fall asleep sooner than I did last night. Unfortunately, I see myself not getting the haircut and again, sleeping in ’til it’s time to get ready for work.

I’ll be back here tomorrow night around this time, so tune in next time for what travels from my mind to my fingers to the keyboard and into this mess the digital world considers a blog. With all that said, peace out.


Next time you’re in Vegas winning big, you can stay at a Venetian hotel. All you really need is a place to sleep, but you probably won’t be sleeping too much. Why stay in a cheap hotel when you know you’re going to be a high roller making more than you could imagine at the craps table? Treat yourself. You’ve earned it.

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  1. i too find myself in the same vicious cycle you described. it is very frustrating and i would love to break free of it, but at the same time the thought of doing anything else is…kind of scary. i enjoy your blog. peace

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