the solar neutrino problem

K$ will attest to this: Magic is too addicting. I spent a couple hours after we played a few rounds tweaking my deck for WNM a.k.a. Wednesday: The Gathering. I’m hooked. I’m obsessing about a deck concept that I think can wreck shop, but I’m also stuck with the dilemma that I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money to buy it and I don’t have enough to offer to trade for it. Time will govern that one.

I submitted my PTO requests at work: 7 days for My Wedding Tour 2007. Five of those days will be in October, and the other two are at the beginning of November.

I’m sacrificing both participating in this year’s 24 Hour Comic Day and seeing Smashing Pumpkins at the Backyard here in ATX because of this tour.

In exchange for these (what I would consider) sacrifices, I will be witnessing:

  • four weddings
  • taking two round-trip flights (one to the East Coast and one to the West Coast)
  • going on a road trip across state lines
  • attending a live taping of Conan O’Brien
  • visiting museums in NYC
  • being a total tourist
  • truly finding out how bad NY really does smell
  • possibly visiting Napa Valley
  • taking too many pictures
  • memories
  • going to Oklahoma for the first time ever
  • and who knows what else but it’s starting to get more overwhelming the more I type about it.

The total number of days that I will be traveling and/or in attendance at one of the weddings in October and the beginning of November will be 14 days – yes, two weeks worth – of wedding-related traveling including but not limited to: attending weddings, R&R, being a tourist, being in the air, being on the road, being drunk and being tired.

I’m gonna say right now that what I just typed reads very redundant, but I’m keeping it ’cause it’s a lot to process and I don’t do much revising on this.

Anyway, it’s a quarter ’til seven. I can guarantee you that I am not getting that haircut tomorrow nor am I picking up my four-wedding outfit that will be ready for me. Magic consumed my night, and I let it and I will let it tomorrow, but you know what, tomorrow is WNM and I really really need to get that haircut and my wedding outfit and I’m rambling ’cause time is ticking by so fast and it’s that time to

f a d e o u t.. . .


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