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The first of the four weddings was very well done. The couple were married outside overlooking Lake Travis as the sun was setting this past Friday. The buffet consisted of delicious fajitas, and the bar was open. Their song to open the dance floor was Pistol by Dustin Kensrue which is one of my personal favorites.

On Saturday, K$, Mare & I retreated back to the Chinese buffet. Mare had to go back to work, but K$ and I went on our scheduled card hunt. That night, Mare & I went to a birthday party we were invited to earlier in the week.

The birthday party was fun. I got to watch a piñata filled with lollipops and small bottles of Jim Beam whiskey get busted. PK & I snuck out our own beer like we were stealing it back or something when we all decided to leave. I guess we both just felt it’d be rude if we asked instead of using our Ninjitsu abilities.

This weekend was busier than I wanted, but it is good to sit here early Monday morning relaxing. I’d rather have slept through most of it with what I have ahead of me this week.

In about twelves hours, I will be getting ready for work. I will attend work with a case of the Mondays when in fact it’ll be like a Friday for me or you could say it’d be like a one-day week. On Tuesday morning, I will be meeting up with my mom, my grandmother, my aunt, my uncle and my sister to go to the airport and fly to New York. My brother is already on the East Coast visiting friends in Massachusetts, but he’ll be meeting with us when we arrive.

I’ll be in NY until Sunday, and I hope to have find. I think I will be bringing this machine with me, so I can keep you updated thru this and maybe even share some pictures I’ve taken. We’ll see. Sometimes trips like these make me so exhausted that the last thing I’d want to do is run my fingers over the keyboard.

The routine has changed up a bit since Friday and will change up most of this upcoming week. Mare & I did not have our Bustaburger nite because of the wedding. I won’t be attending Wednesday: The Gathering. We won’t have our Bustaburger nite this upcoming Friday either. I won’t be waking up an hour before work to get ready to make the routine drive to work. This week will be the instant that counters my target monotony. Am I looking forward to it? Yes. What am I planning to do on my vacation? Anything but work.

Peace out.


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