the mint condition

I should be asleep, but I am still preparing for my trip to New York. I will be gone tomorrow and will return on Sunday. I bought a new suitcase and still have a few more things to pack.

I’ve backed up everything on this machine, so I can bring it along with peace of mind in case the hard drive decides to corrupt itself and all my files disappear.

To break myself away from the Magic madness that has consumed a circle of friends, I went on eBay in an attempt to win complete sets (minus the holograms) of the first three Marvel Universe series in mint/near-mint condition. I successfully won Series II and Series III under twenty dollars each (including shipping) but did not bid enough for Series I. I will work on getting that one soon and will eventually try to obtain the holograms to each set. Marvel Universe trading cards were much more a piece of my childhood than Magic was.

The holes my friends are digging throwing away hard-earned money on cards they’ll never play with made me want to get away from it all for a little while. In that same vein, I felt that getting complete sets of much-treasured cards was my way of saying that you can get so much more with what you’ve already spent.

I won’t be in town for Wednesday: The Gathering, but that is OK. I’m looking forward to not working the rest of this week and still getting paid.

I hope to get some wireless access in NY, so I can post some pictures on here for you to enjoy. Look forward to that ’cause I’ll be updating when possible.

Peace out.

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  1. I love the fact that you went after old MARVEL cards. I love even more that you scored them. Magic is seriously the sickest thing I have ever been a part of since I first found out about how awesome girls could be. You sir have it right… spend less for what means more. The addiction is fading. I slept instead of going to the Gathering this Wed. I had the xbox in my grips and I blew it on magic cards!!! I should have saved it anyway. Your self control is envied. Keep on keeping it real… enjoy your NY experience. Stop in and say hello to tony and the boys for me will ya?

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