the 1st nite in ny

(This was originally written on: 4:21 AM 10/10/2007, my first night in NY)

I’m currently in my motel room in the middle of Queens sans internet access typing this. I’ll post it as soon as I can.

We flew here on jetBlue. The flight left at 11:45am from Austin, and we arrived about a quarter past three in the afternoon. The plane went at over 550mph at an altitude of over 36,000 feet. The seats were all equipped with small TV screens with direcTV which is one of the perks of the airline. The headphone jacks were standard size, and they supplied complimentary headphones although I had my own.

I caught John Lennon’s Imagine on VH1 Classic which I always enjoy watching. On the TV right now is VH1’s Nocturnal State which is their late nite video marathon.

We were supposed to be picked up by my cousin and her fiancĂ© when we got in, but I guess that didn’t work out. We had to call a shuttle van to pick us all up and take us to our motel. I wasn’t too happy with that, since the ride cost $120 for the seven of us to get to our destination. The driver drove like a madman, but I guess that’s the way it is here. Did it feel unsafe? If we weren’t in such a boat of a van, I would say yes, but I’m sure the driver knew his strategy to get us from Point A to Point B.

I’d rather of rode the subway, but we have a bunch of luggage plus my grandmother can’t walk too fast. I guess the price has to paid when you’re traveling with a bigger party.

Tomorrow, we will be going to NBC Studios to watch a taping of Conan O’Brien. I think the special guest will be Emile Hirsch from such movies as Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and Lords of Dogtown. Unfortunately, the show will not have a musical guest.

I’m not too sure what all we will be doing these following days apart from the wedding on Saturday. I do look forward to exploring the city when the chance arrives.

I can already see the high cost of living here simply by going to a 7-11 to pick up some gallons of water. We bought four gallons of water and a few Sapporo tall boys, and that almost cost twenty bucks. In Texas, something like would be somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve dollars.

The motel we’re staying in is just your run-of-the-mill slightly run-down motel, and that’s costing us a little over a hundred bucks a night for each room.

Two places I really want to check out while I’m here off the top of my head: The Guggenheim and MoMA. I think we’re supposed to venture to Philadelphia after Conan to stay with my cousin’s husband-to-be. My aunt rented a car, so I think our transportation will be taken care of while we’re here except for our commutes when my brother, sister, cousin and me are doing our thing while we’re here.

I’m gonna try to get some more sleep, because I know I’m gonna need it. This part of NYC is actually pretty quiet right now. The weather isn’t great, but it isn’t hot like Texas and not pouring like the weatherman had predicted. The sky is drizzling a little right now, and it had rained a bit earlier but the rain isn’t going to affect my parade.

I know you can’t read this right now, but you will soon. Peace out.


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