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Being either too tired, too busy or too lazy has made updating this another chore on the stack. October is almost over, and this month’s post count (this one’s #9) will land the record of the least posts. Technically, you can consider August last year the month of the least posts, but the updating didn’t even start until the last week of the month.

On with the show or why I’ve been so jaded lately…

Last weekend, I attended the third of four weddings of My Wedding Tour 2007. Mare was a bride’s maid in her cousin’s wedding. We took a weekend road trip to Oklahoma City. I’ve never been that far up I-35, and all I can really say is that after Fort Worth is a whole lotta nothing.

This week is my off week for weddings. So far it has been routine as most of the others this year have been. My set plans for this week are: the 40-hour work week (Monday thru Friday 3pm-11pm), Wednesday The Gathering (was tonite), Bustaburger Nite (Friday night), an oil change for Mare’s car (Saturday daytime), and The Annual Benchmark Halloween Party (Saturday night). Nothing too dramatic. I’m really enjoying the return of the routine and will be looking forward to the large social gathering this weekend.

Last night, I stayed up too late constructing a couple Magic decks for me and one for Mare. They all still need some work, but they played okay tonite.

My Marvel cards are slowly arriving piece by piece. So far, I have obtained complete base sets of Marvel Universe Series II, III & IV. I received the notice that a package arrived in the mail and is waiting for me at the leasing office. I want to say that it’s the Series V base set plus the complete ten-card Suspended Animation set, but I’m also expecting a few other pieces to the puzzle. On the way are: Series I with all five hologram chase cards and the five Series II hologram chase cards. The missing pieces I’m still working on getting are: the holograms to Series III, Series IV and Series V and the Power Blast cards for Series V. I’m pretty sure I’ll have the Series III holograms and the Power Blast cards won tomorrow.

I’m surprised how easy and decently-priced I’m getting all those cards, because I thought back when I was collecting them that they’d be worth so much more by now. The Marvel card set that I know is worth a bunch is the 1996 Marvel Masterpieces set painted by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. This past week on eBay, a complete set went for $375 before shipping.

In further news, Mare and I went to the grocery store on Monday. We passed through the meat section and found a three-pack of beef steaks that were labeled and priced as ground chuck. How much? $5.37! Score! 1982 came to visit and hooked us up. We cooked them up that night and enjoyed a couple with some rice and soy sauce. They were the perfect break from microwave meals.

The next night we had meatloaf with macaroni & cheese which was also very tasty. Tonight, it was the Bell, cheese bread and apple cider at WTG. Lately before work, I’ve been in the habit of eating a couple store-brand Philly steak & cheese “stuffed sandwiches” (a.k.a. Hot Pockets) ’cause I’ve been hooked on them they’re so good.

I didn’t sleep too well last night, and unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to sleep as well tonight. I guess you could say that I’m enjoying my normal week as much as I can.

Next week, I’ll be back on a plane on my way to California for the last of the weddings. November will have arrived as this year flies by. Peace out.

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