the tap and sacrifice

K$ & I played Magic all nite, and it was a great way to spend my time off work and everything else. I have to say that I enjoy one-on-one games over team games, because they go by so much faster.

The extra chill weather has been excellent since Monday. My favorite part is that the A/C isn’t going haywire and actually hasn’t been on all week. My favorite sound right now is the sound of an A/C not running.

Again, I’m going to bed too friggin’ late again! Am I reverted to my pre-Wedding Tour sleep-in laziness again?! Not really. I did wake up kind of late today, but I am slowly disciplining myself again to try to stay awake when I first wake up. I have a package waiting for me in the office that I should have picked up yesterday.

The end of the month is almost here. The paycheck has been direct deposited. It’s that time again to pay the rent and bills like we all just absolutely love to do.

Did I mention how much I’m digging this weather? I know when it gets even colder that I’m going to have to invest in a space heater and move the Betta Babiesâ„¢ that are in the living room into my room so they don’t die from hypothermia. That would be such a tragedy seeing how long I’ve had them.

Eight more hours of almost-do-nothing work, and the weekend will be mine. I have a few more things I have to do before I fall asleep, so I’m predicting that at 8am, I’m zonked out.

Back to the awesomeness of this week off from My Wedding Tour ’07. Piece owt.

Your garage is filling up. You have tools everywhere. They need to be organized. Having adequate tool storage is what everyone needs, so you know exactly where all your tools are. Don’t hesitate. You know you’re going to get more and more tools, and they will just keep piling up. Get something for all of those tools! Quit being so disorganized!

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