the dog box

If you and man’s best friend are going on a hunting trip, then your vehicle should be equipped to provide him with absolute comfort. Installing a dog box on your truck is the best solution. These boxes are light weight and made of sturdy aluminum. They are lined with plastic material to keep your dog comfortable as well as a proper ventilation system. When the weather becomes adverse, this box will keep your dog warm during the winter months and cold in the summer. A kit is available that will allow you to build your own dog box. These boxes are made of durable material and have a deluxe locking system.

the thanks given [thurs&fri]

Before a week flies by with me not updating this, I’ll go over my enjoyable four-day weekend.

On Thursday, I had a Thanksgiving feast with my family. Fifteen of us were over at my parents’ house with more than enough to eat. That night, I met up with my cousins at my brother’s house. We played Quake III Arena into the wee hours of the night. I ended up crashing on the couch.

My brother had to work on Friday morning, but my cousins were back over at parents’ house for breakfast. I told my parents that I’d show up for breakfast around 9am, so I did. I ended up napping on the couch since it was so early in the morning.

After I napped, I decided to take my cousin that didn’t leave that morning around Austin to do the nerdy things I do. I had to pick up some betta food at Wally World. We then went to Card Traders where I picked up some Magic singles. I decided to get my cousin started on Magic, so I got him a theme deck.

Then, we went to Dragon’s Lair where they had stocked up on their oversized twenty-sided dice. I got a red one for Mare and a black one for me. I also got my cousin a regular twenty-sided die. I checked on my comic subscription but nothing yet. Only two weeks had passed since I started it.

Afterwards, we went to Highland Mall. We went to Press Play where I picked up some booster packs. I can’t resist with their unbeatable prices. We stopped at the food court and had burgers and fries while we opened our new packs. At Radio Shack, I found a deal on 50-pack DVD+R spindles for 9.99 a piece so I bought a couple. Fry’s Electronics sells their 100-pack spindles of the same brand for 29.99, so I actually saved ten bucks.

I was thinking Black Friday was going to be insanity, but it really wasn’t.

After the mall, we went back to my parents’ house and had a late lunch even though we had eaten at the mall food court earlier. I was going to a show that night, so I waited for my brother to show up and left to meet up with some friends.

This is a screenshot from Emo’s site. I positioned the pop-up when you click on the show to view the details of the show to the left of the calendar. Keep this in mind when reading our show experience.

The show was starting later than we thought, so we hung out at the apartment and enjoyed a few beers. I played a round of Magic with J-Bone and won. We left for the show once everyone showed up and was ready to go.

We get to the doors after 10 and see that the cover was 15. We were thinking 10 but whatever, we’re gonna see The Queers and Marky Ramone play some Ramones covers.

The first band had already played, and we chilled out in the outside area between the inside and outside stages drinking PBR while the second band played some. We went in to check out some of their songs. They were a Spanglish band that mixed English and Spanish lyrics together. Their sound was pretty solid, and they weren’t bad. The only thing that got me about them was how the vocalist was so melodramatic to get his message across that he’d grab his bass player’s shirt and yell in his face like he should be doing to the crowd. Well, whatever… this is the part that sucks.

We go back outside for a bit. The Queers are next, and the music starts playing so we go back in. On stage is Marky Ramone on drums, Joe Queer on guitar and a couple younger guys on bass and vocals. They’re playing Ramones covers. “What’s this?” I wonder.

The sign I quickly read outside the door when we were going in did read something on the lines of “Marky Ramone and Friends of the Queers,” so we’ve been shammed. The Queers will not be playing. Marky Ramone no longer has his Intruders.

The last band of the night is composed of Marky on drums, Joe on guitar and a couple other guys filling the gaps. They sound good, but this isn’t what we paid for. I was attending to see The Queers and their set made up of short punk songs spliced together making long medleys with a minute in-between for a quick thanks. I felt so ripped off that I had paid fifteen bucks to check out a Ramones cover band.

This was confirmed when PK went to the restroom and ran into one of the bouncers who said The Queers weren’t playing. This was confirmed when PK went up to Joe Queer and asked him if The Queers were next. Joe apologized over and over saying that The Queers weren’t present and ducked out into the back room where all the equipment is stored.

After the show, we dashed to Trudy’s by campus so some of us could have a last brew before last call and unfortunately had an Under 21 with us. We were better off going to bar, but that wasn’t going to happen. Plus, some of us were hungry. I ordered a burger and fries but was full of beer and could only eat the fries. I ate the burger the next day which tasted so much better nuked for thirty seconds making the buns soft after it’s been refrigerated rather than eating right when it was served.

I felt bad for the waitress, because we stayed past closed. That really isn’t my style, but it was a good idea when we were all in a hurry for some of us to have a last beer and had an Under 21 to drag around. On top of having the waitress stay later than she had to, we also did the evil of splitting up the check six ways. Some of us had our money straight but someone didn’t get the hint when the waitress asked if twenties had to be broken. Oh well, some of us just don’t get it. I felt bad and tipped the waitress a nickel more than what my food itself cost. She deserved it.

Some of the variables in the whole ordeal of going to the show downtown made it a terrible experience on top of the fact that I was out and about the entire day and hadn’t slept in my own bed since Wednesday night. The only good thing to come out of it was that I had a pleasant time with company the whole day, and the whole time is what memories are built from.

This post has gotten a bit lengthy, so I’m ending this. ‘Til next time.

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the pumpkintube

Thanks to the Austin fanbase, multiple clips from the Smashing Pumpkins 11/13/2007 show at The Backyard are on YouTube.

I have cherry-picked some of them to show here. They are arranged by when they were played.

Smashing Pumpkins

November 13, 2007 | Austin, Texas | The Backyard

(The band takes the stage while circus music plays.)

(United States, Bullet with Butterfly Wings)


from YouTube’s ckimbell

(Bring the Light)

Tonight, Tonight

from YouTube’s HuntreHuntre



from YouTube’s ckimbell



from YouTube’s HuntreHuntre

(Perfect, Today, Stand Inside Your Love)


from YouTube’s ckimbell

(Pomp and Circumstances, Superchrist, Doomsday Clock, Heavy Metal Machine)

(Encore 1: Cherub Rock, Lucky 13)

(Encore 2: Jeff and Ginger leave the stage. Jimmy Flemion from The Frogs takes the stage and puts on the guitar. Billy takes over the bass duties.)

Jimmy Flemion from The Frogs, Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain perform “I Only Play 4 Money”

from YouTube’s HuntreHuntre

(Jimmy, Billy and Jimmy cover Taxman by The Beatles during a jam session.)


from YouTube’s HuntreHuntre

the (smashing pumpkins live at the backyard in austin texas) audio download


I was able to locate an audio recording of Smashing Pumpkins on November 13, 2007 in Austin, Texas at The Backyard.

Thanks to Google Alerts, Sonorama.NET, Internet Archive, BG RAVES, Homeless Crisco & 1st Mate Kate.

Smashing Pumpkins

November 13, 2007 | Austin, Texas | The Backyard

Track listing
01. United States (cut)
02. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
03. Drown
04. Bring the Light
05. Tonight, Tonight
06. Tarantula
07. Starla
08. Hummer
09. 1979
10. Perfect
11. Today
12. Stand Inside Your Love
13. Zero
14. Pomp and Circumstances
15. Superchrist
16. Doomsday Clock
17. Heavy Metal Machine
18. Cherub Rock
19. Lucky 13
20. I Only Play 4 Money [The Frogs]
21. Taxman [The Beatles]
22. Disarm

Run time: 2:15:19

If you would like to stream this performance, download individual tracks in different formats, or just read more information about this recording, then here is the link to the Internet Archive source:
Smashing Pumpkins Live at The Backyard on 2007-11-13

the monday night gathering

I’m up still from playing about four hours of Magic @ PK & J-Bone’s. If that doesn’t make me a nerd, then I don’t know what does.

My intention of going over to their apartment was that PK’s PC had been acting up, so I was going to check it out. I just needed to adjust some software settings, and I brought a memory upgrade for his machine to double his system memory. That took me less than ten minutes total. K$ wanted to cast some spells and tap some mana, so we both went. I brought my decks along just to play a couple rounds as time would permit. I didn’t intend to stay so late.

The first round consisted of PK and me on a team and J-Bone and K$ on the other. We were schooled. That round didn’t last so long.

J-Bone’s brother showed up during the first game. With the odd number of players, we played a cutthroat game. That one went on for something like three hours. I was ready to throw in the towel but definitely had a sweet setup going for me. I ended up third, but it was definitely getting late.

I believe the spell riot will wreck more havoc on Wednesday as always scheduled, and I’m sure I will be attending. I really enjoy this game. I really do. Sure, the stress levels go up and players get fierce but that’s the nature of the game, right?