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My brother and I are currently waiting at the baggage claim at the San Francisco airport waiting for our ride. Fortunately, he recently acquired an iPhone that gives me the ability to access the internet via a wireless connection. Technology pwnz! I will be able to post as long as I have this trusty notebook and his iPhone nearby.

We flew on American Airlines. We had to transfer once from Orange County. The first plane was the usual size plane, and we were served drinks. I went for my usual club soda, and the flight attendant let me have the whole can and even through in a piece of lime with my cup of ice. Score! The second plane was a much smaller one, and I didn’t get the whole can. I did have the window seat that time and enjoyed watching the tops of clouds and mountain ranges as we flew to San Francisco.

I enjoyed JetBlue much better when I flew to New York. JetBlue would have given me the whole can by default, let me flip through channels on my own little screen fit snugly in a headrest, and given me the choice of snacks which included but weren’t limited to: blue potato chips, cashews and/or animal cookies… at no extra charge. JetBlue also doesn’t segregate the elite and coach. Everyone’s treated equal on their planes.

I’m not sure what the plan is while we’re here except for the wedding on Saturday. This will be the last of four weddings, and I’ll be so glad when I’m riding back from the Austin airport back home to end My Wedding Tour a.k.a. Four Weddings and a Funeral.

I didn’t post too much last month ’cause I guess you could say I was busy. I’ll try harder this month although it is National Novel Writing Month. I have a big feeling that I won’t be participating this year, because I failed miserably this year and I’m not prepared at all. I also had to miss 24 Hour Comic Day, because I had to attend Wedding #3 on My Wedding Tour.

I’m unfortunately also missing two main events due to Wedding #4. The Smashing Pumpkins are playing at The Backyard in Austin. One of my bigger regrets being a music fanatic was that I never had the chance to see them when they were together in the ’90s. Oh well… sacrifices must be made when you can’t be at multiple places at once.

The other main event is the Annual Benchmark Halloween Party. I had heard months ago that it was taking place last weekend which would have been perfect, but when I checked the night of what I thought was the night, it was taking place this weekend. I have reason to believe that it had something to do with Halloween falling on a Wednesday and UT Football having a home game that weekend and an away game this weekend. Bummer.

I’m wrapping this one up. My bro’s iPhone can get an internet connection anywhere he has cellular reception, so all is good. Expect more from me this trip versus my New York adventure. Maybe not better quality posting as much as posting while I’m here rather than when I return to home base. Peace out.

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