the last wedding

I am in a van moblogging again riding to the wedding with one of my aunts, my grandfather, my cousin, my sister, and my brother. We didn’t have the energy this morning to wake up and take the San Francisco tour. I wish we could spend more time here, because we could still do so much more.

These past couple months have seemed so long. I am glad the weather has greatly improved. The weather here in California is amazing. I am having such a relaxing time, but again, I wish we could spend more time here.

I’d have to say that I like Cali much more than I like NY, but don’t get me wrong. I really like them both.

Today is the last date on My Wedding Tour. The wedding is at a church in El Cerrito. I am going to see sooo many relatives.

Our plane takes off at 9am Pacific. We’ll be jumping through time zones again and should be back in Austin in the late afternoon. Peace out.

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