the six dollar burger

The tour of the winery was fun. Unfortunately, we got so lost that we were two hours late for our tour which offset the rest of the day. Unfortunately, this is the only full day we had here that does not involve flying or attending a wedding.

I was on a mission to find a comic shop that sold Magic cards in San Francisco. I found one on Google, and we made an adventure out of it. The aunt who we are staying with dropped my brother, my sister, my cousin and me at the BART station to get to San Francisco. Then, we walked up to Geary Blvd from the Powell station, rode the bus and arrived at the card and comic shop in about two hours. Public transportation was our solution but definitely not the fastest method.

Friday Night Magic was in full swing at this place. Listening to the players communicate was very amusing. This place had all of their single cards sorted very neat. For example, uncommons were organized in binders by sets, by color, and alphabetically.

After I dropped some moolah on the greatest trading card game of all time, we took the bus back to where the train dropped us off. My sister and I did a little shopping in a fancy, three-story clothing store. My cousin and my brother chilled out a bookstore. After we finished shopping, we went to Carl’s Jr to eat.

Dinner was my treat since I dragged them all to the card shop that was far away from where we originally arrived and we had to take a bus that stopped every thirty seconds. I went for the infamous six dollar burger with bacon and cheese.

That puppy was hoss, and yes, it’s not really six dollars and simply called that because it resembles the kind of burger you would get at an overpriced causal dining restaurant. When we were about to leave, I noticed a nutrition facts chart above one of the trashcans in the restaurant. Yikes! I managed to have waaay over a thousand calories, almost a daily value’s worth of sodium and way over the recommended amount of total fat and saturated fat all in that one meal. It was all worth it though. I don’t think I’ll have the opportunity to have a six dollar burger for a very long time.

We finished eating and hopped back on the BART to return to my aunt and uncle’s house. My uncle offered to take us for a tour of San Francisco really early in the morning. It’s almost one here, so I think I’m going to go to bed now ’cause my brother really wants to go. The words ‘dim sum for breakfast’ really perked his interest.

I think my wireless card is on the fritz or just doesn’t get along with the router here ’cause it freezes up this notebook within five minutes of being connected. I’m actually finishing up the post on this machine. I started on my bro’s iPhone, but it just takes me way too long to push those little virtual buttons than to smash a keyboard with my fingertips. I’m turning the wireless on and off only when I need to connect. I tested it out by turning off the wireless and just leaving the machine on, and it didn’t freeze up so it has to be something with this connection. Anyway, I’m ranting too much here about nonsense.

San Francisco tour tomorrow morning if we can get up way early before the wedding, then the wedding followed by the receptions of course. Then Sunday, we fly back to the city we call home, Austin. Time to crash as long as this machine doesn’t before I finish posting this. Peace out.

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