the space-time zone continuum

I am at San Francisco airport waiting in the seating area at the gate for the boarding time to arrive.

The wedding was enjoyable. I was able to see all of my cousins on my father’s side of the family which was neat, because it’s been years and everyone has grown up so much. I also had the opportunity to meet some of their children and feel my age when I’m referred to as an uncle.

The reception was the fun part of the wedding. A live band played, and everybody hit the dance floor. I was impressed with how much dancing went on as compared to the three other weddings I attended. A good amount of dancing did go on at the New York wedding now that I think about it, but this crowd was much more energetic. After all, this reception had an open bar.

The only flaw with the music from this wedding was the DJ that played songs while the band took breaks didn’t know what he was doing. During dinner, he put on Usher’s Yeah song. WTF? Later on in the night when the band took their first after dinner break, he played the song again! People did dance that time. Then from some act from above, the band played their cover of the same song! Three times!

I failed to mention a few posts ago that we stopped by In-N-Out Burger immediately after we left the airport. Mission 1 complete! All in all, I completed all of the immediate missions I had in mind: eat at In-N-Out, find a comic shop that sold Magic cards, eat a six dollar burger at Carl’s Jr, get something nice for Mare, enjoy myself.

And correction, this notebook doesn’t connect to my bro’s iPhone to get internet access. I misunderstood him. He just gave me his access info to get on the airport’s wireless hotspot. It definitely makes waiting here go by so much easier.

I packed all of my wires in my check-in luggage, so I am unable to post some pics on here right away. I’ll get on the photo updates as soon as possible. I will also be revamping the photo link on this site, so you’ll be able to access all pictures that you might catch on the Random Image block versus wondering where they come from.

A plan with this site in the near future is to have a design overhaul. I have been bouncing ideas with Fury, so I hope it’ll be in full swing very soon.

My flight leaves in about half an hour. About 7ish tonite Central time, I should be back in Austin and back to the same ol’ same after jumping through the space-time zone continuum.

All I had for breakfast was a delicious Goldilocks French sponge cake and some coffee. I didn’t shower. I didn’t wash my face. I feel kind of gross right now, but I’ll have the chance to clean up when I return to my much-missed apartment. Peace out.

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