the pumpkins in the backyard

Austin Texas holds a reputation for being the live music capital of the world. Unfortunately, they also hold a reputation for having a strict noise ordinance that make shows start earlier than anticipated.

Tonight was the night I finally had the opportunity to see one of my all-time favorite bands, Smashing Pumpkins. I was off work a couple hours early to make the trek to the show. The drive from where I was to The Backyard took a little over half an hour. We were in the venue parking lot a quarter ’til 10. To my disappointment, the show was nearing an end. We did get to see them for about half an hour but missed the heart of the show.

Fortunately, I did see them perform live. Maybe I didn’t get the whole shebang, but I got something. While we were pulling into the parking lot, Cherub Rock was playing. They followed it with another song I wasn’t too familiar with but rocked of course. Then, Jimmy Flemion from The Frogs took the stage with Billy on bass and Jimmy on drums. They played a Frogs song which lead into a cover of Taxman by The Beatles then a jam session. The show concluded with Billy playing Disarm on electric guitar with his keyboardist taking care of the string section.

Hopefully, they’ll return to Texas and I’ll guarantee myself that I will catch the entire show.

The city noise ordinance is very disheartening, but what can you really do about it?

This Friday, I will be at Stubb’s for the Thrice/Brand New show. Hopefully, I don’t miss too much of that even though I plan on leaving work at nine again.


So I just checked my email (11:33pm), and the ticket company for The Backyard sent an email this morning (10:15am) that the show was starting earlier than scheduled. Bastards!

I told myself after the show that I should have left work earlier, and I didn’t. Oh well… what can you do?

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