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Before I start this post, I’d like to wish my brother Neil a very Happy 24th Birthday!

I know it’s almost eight in the morning. I woke up to the theme song of My So-Called Life on repeat since the Play All function did its round and returned to the DVD menu screen.

Here are some more Pumpkin seeds until I get it all out of my system:

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

& the setlist from this show c/o MySpace’s Chavo:

Set list for Austin: United States, Bullet, Drown, Bring the Light, Tonight, Tarantula, Starla, Hummer, 1979(solo acoustic), Perfect (acoustic), Today, Stand Inside Your Love, Zero, Pomp and Circumstances, Superchrist, Doomsday Clock, Heavy Metal Machine, 1st encore: Cherub Rock, Lucky 13 2nd encore: I Only Play For Money (Jimmy Flemion on lead, Billy on bass), Taxman (Jimmy Flemion on lead, Billy on bass), Disarm

Tonight, I will be attending the soul doubt Thrice & Brand New show at Stubb’s. Mewithoutyou will be the opening act, but I don’t care too much about them. Mare said Brand New is scheduled to go on at 10pm which from my recent concert experience I believe, so I’m sacrificing a piece of my paycheck and only attending a half-day of work today. That should go by quick and then hooray! the weekend!

I logged into MySpace for the first time in probably a month. I clickt thru my tiny social networking vortex reading bulletins and checking out updates. Things to keep in mind: Alk3’s Goddamnit redux has a scheduled release date of March 2008. Nerf Herder is still together, and they have a new record planned for release early next year.

The biggest catch-up that I didn’t get a chance to finish ’cause it inspired to post these exact words you are reading now is reading the blogs that matter to me. Oh, the negativity that surfaces from these digital journals! Anyway, I’ve been a bit selfish just composing my shit for a blog and haven’t been reading all of yours. I’ll catch up soon. I promise.

And for the apathy: I blame this routine of a life I have. Yes… yes, I do. I’m content. I don’t think about too much, and I’m not going to change much unless I absolutely must.

My weekdays are filled with staying up super late, waking up with just enough time to check back into reality and get ready for work and the same ol’ eight-hour drawl in a room full of people absolutely bored out of their minds and constantly bitching to themselves when they aren’t immersed in: Wikipedia, Google Video, comfort conversations, 25ยข snacks, or actual work for once. Sacrificing your priceless time for a measly paycheck. It’s worth it, right? Yes… yes, it is.

And for the conclusion: I’ve slowly been working thru watching Jesus’ Son. I’m enjoying it, but I keep falling asleep before it’s over, so I just retrace where I left off and continue the movie. I think I’m near the end, so this cool Friday morning may be the day I witness the credits roll. Peace out.

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