the monday night gathering

I’m up still from playing about four hours of Magic @ PK & J-Bone’s. If that doesn’t make me a nerd, then I don’t know what does.

My intention of going over to their apartment was that PK’s PC had been acting up, so I was going to check it out. I just needed to adjust some software settings, and I brought a memory upgrade for his machine to double his system memory. That took me less than ten minutes total. K$ wanted to cast some spells and tap some mana, so we both went. I brought my decks along just to play a couple rounds as time would permit. I didn’t intend to stay so late.

The first round consisted of PK and me on a team and J-Bone and K$ on the other. We were schooled. That round didn’t last so long.

J-Bone’s brother showed up during the first game. With the odd number of players, we played a cutthroat game. That one went on for something like three hours. I was ready to throw in the towel but definitely had a sweet setup going for me. I ended up third, but it was definitely getting late.

I believe the spell riot will wreck more havoc on Wednesday as always scheduled, and I’m sure I will be attending. I really enjoy this game. I really do. Sure, the stress levels go up and players get fierce but that’s the nature of the game, right?

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