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The writers at Modern Soapbox enjoy wine. We recently received an offer to enjoy exclusive, small-batch wine from one of America’s leading wine clubs, the Gold Medal Wine Club of California.

The wine was package very securely with Styrofoam fit for the bottles. Included in the shipment were: two bottles of wine, a gift card and their newsletter. This is one of the better promotions we’ve received lately and were very excited to give it a taste.

The estate grown wine is produced and bottled by Madroña Vineyards in Camino, California. One bottle was a 2004 Merlot, and the other was a 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Both varietals have that signature, West Coast flavor. The flavors remind of when I visited another winery in Napa Valley this past November.

The Gold Medal Wine Club newsletter, The Wine Press, contains information about the included wines, the family who runs the winery, and some food recipes that go well or use the wine.

We give a big thanks to the Gold Medal Wine Club for giving us an opportunity to try out a couple of their award-winning wines.

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