the wednesday shattered

I haven’t been posting personal stuff on here lately, so I felt like it was time for a little bit of that.

I went by the apartment that Wednesday: The Gathering takes place with my plastic box that holds a bunch of assorted dice and my deck boxes filled with cards under my arm and a twelve-pack of beer in my hand. I should have called around eleven when everyone who usually attends gets out of work, but I didn’t. I mentioned that I may attend tonight, but the turnout hasn’t been great lately. I haven’t been in the past couple weeks for various reasons. A couple regulars switched shifts, and you can also include myself in the schedule-type change.

I knocked on the door. I noticed the light in the kitchen wasn’t on, and one of the tenant’s vehicles wasn’t in the parking lot. I didn’t wait long for someone to answer. The door is usually opened within seconds. I went back down the stairs and went back home.

You can almost call it a tradition that has quickly died. We do see each other at work and on the weekends, and that does seem sufficient. Maybe everyone got burnt out on playing so often. I feel for everyone who invested so much time and money into the game. We won’t stop playing. Maybe just on Wednesday nights.

I was promoted at work. I do so much more work than ever before. I have so many more responsibilities than ever before. I fall somewhere in that middle management category. I’m not responsible for managing employees, but I am responsible for managing workflow which is directly influenced by production. I work for a corporate company tied to big names in the industry, therefore corporate politics are always involved. I hear things I never want to repeat to the affected parties. It doesn’t bother me at all, but the truth can really hurt… especially when people think selfishly and irrationally.

I am destined for a cubicle, and I think it’s neat. I enjoy the challenges I face and providing solutions in overcoming them. I feel I am well-qualified for the position I have taken, and I’m sure the parties who granted me the position and the parties who turn to me more than ever now think the same.

Let’s face it. When I was at the bottom of the barrel, in “The Pit” as it’s been called at times in my workplace, it was a piece of cake. I earned enough to get by and lived well for where I am in life. Eventually, like anything that lacks difficulty, it became stale. I see those still where I was day in and day out pulling their hair out when the work has run dry looking for new ways to slack off. They just don’t realize. The system’s evolved. What may have seemed like a lot of work was actually a lot of busy work that’s mostly going to be flushed down the drain. That’s how revisions work. Maybe restructuring isn’t being done on an employee level but it has been done on a process level, and the effects can be see across the board.

I can talk about work all day, but I try to avoid it. I spend eight hours of my day doing it and don’t need to carry it over into my own time.

In other news, this creation of mine (Modern Soapbox – maybe you’ve heard of it) will be switching to a new host very soon. I am tired of the headaches that the current host causes, and its unreliability lately has been very unacceptable. Traffic to this site has increased greatly in the past few months, and I can’t afford to be hosted by a company with an absurd amount of downtime and way too many loose ends.

Expect the switch this month. As soon as I can get to the front-end (which is absolutely ridiculous that I can’t) and generate a complete backup, then a moving this will do.

The ‘Za of the Week will be posted as soon as I can upload the pics. Absolutely ridiculous, right? Peace out.


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Author: Sig

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