the urgency, the headaches, the slipstream

Please excuse this site, its appearance and loss of functionality.

I am having difficulty with my current server host and still in the process of switching. I am more annoyed by this than you. I am hoping it will only be a couple more days until everything is back to normal.

The first half of today was spent sleeping or being lazy. The second half was spent with my machines. Mary got me a new case and DVD burner for Yang. I disassembled Yang, dusted off its insides and reassembled it with the new upgrades. I have pictures, but those will have to wait just like all the other visual goodies I’ve gathered in the past week or so ’til all systems are stable. The upgrade is like when a hermit crab changes its shell.

Yang has a 250GB SATA hard drive. Windows XP SP2 seemed to have left out SATA RAID support in the included drivers on the installation disc even though they managed to have hundreds of others. I had to slipstream a copy of XP, because I couldn’t get the floppy drive to work for the life of me.

That was the fun part of rebuilding Yang. I powered it on, and it gave off that new computer scent but more potent than what I am used to. Then, it really started to smell and smoke started seeping out of the computer.

As it turned out, the front panel audio connector was incompatible with the motherboard setup. The wires got so hot that it melted and that’s what gave off the smoke. I think this might have caused the floppy drive connection to not want to work.

Oh, well… I definitely learned a few new things today. Peace out.


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