the suspension of disbelief

The server move is almost complete. The host’s customer service was very, very helpful in making this all come together. I really enjoyed the fact that they had assistance via chat and also responded to their messages promptly.

As for my previous host, I could only wish that they’d ever respond to anything I emailed them. I drew the line with them when their server went down for over five hours and went back up with data restored from the end of November. If I hadn’t backed up on the 21st, then I would have lost a bunch of posts that I could have never gotten back. I’m done with them.

My backup is uploading right now, and one of the main cores still has to finish. Once that’s done, the pictures in the previous posts should return and all of this should be mostly back to normal. The only things that need some tinkering is the Random Image block.

I will get to it when I return from Wednesday: The Gathering. What? You thought it was dead? No, siree! It’s on especially with the eleven-day break everyone’s taking from work. So it’s me, some friends, some cards and some beers! w00t!


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