the ‘za of the week (dec 16 – dec 22) #2

The second pizza we made in the week was the one we mentioned making the week before: the Texan-style pizza.

Instead of marinara, we used barbeque sauce. Two of the toppings shown here are sliced white onions and sliced fresh jalapeños. The seeds were removed before putting them on the pie to reduce the fire.

The other toppings were shredded sharp cheddar and ground beef. We used ground round which has less fat than chuck but isn’t as lean as sirloin. The beef was browned first before put on the pizza.

I decided to take a picture of the step-by-step process in topping the pizza. I know it isn’t a difficult task, but it looks neat to see how it all comes together.

After the dough is stretched, the barbeque sauce is spread over the crust with the bottom of spoon. About half an inch of the crust is left without sauce.

The sharp cheddar is sprinkled evenly all over the sauce.

Add the onions.

The beef was put on next. We cooked a whole pound of ground round, but it was way too much. I’d say half a pound of beef is adequate to load on a pizza.

The last topping on the pie were the jalapeños. Notice how I removed the seeds from each slice.

Baked to perfection.

This is one of my favorite close-ups of pizza toppings. I especially like the jalapeño slice at the bottom that looks perfectly cooked.

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